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I used it for very first time on my thirteen year old and cat and he has actually been vomiting every given that. Kitten is alright, He's 1.5 years outdated but just after looking at responses some cats have died would by no means use this product yet again

We thought the Frontline was Possibly ineffective due to the fact fleas were creating resistance to it. Doubtful if that can be. But our dogs hated it and ran whenever we had to use it for their pores and skin.

I just gave my 7 month aged Catahoula bravecto its been 24 hours now everything looks fine, I’m going to bathe her and convey her back in the house immediately after reading All of this I was truly apprehensive I was more than happy to see someone say that it worked without any issues I pray it works for my Maggie my daughter And that i are allergic to fleas so I really need this to work another topical and collar remedies did very little following looking at everything I now need a thing to aid repel the fleas in order that they don’t leap on her and have in the home becoming that they have got to bite the Doggy to die, we never ever had a flea dilemma prior to but we had to go out of point out for a few days and only had a person choice for the dog to stay with and whenever we picked her up she was covered in fleas I’ve been likely nuts to eliminate them do you think that is Risk-free to convey her in your home now?

Most certainly circumstance right here would be that the ticks have hitched a journey inside on your Canine but haven't connected and bitten him. This suggests they haven’t been subjected to Bravecto in the least, and have crawled from the dog and into your mattress. Less likely is definitely the tick did connect to your Pet and fed, but then dropped off for some cause without remaining killed.

All of our four-legged child’s organs had been shutting down. She had made pancreatitis with degrees 200 times the appropriate amounts, her kidneys and liver were no longer working as they need to, her lungs were filling up with fluid, and it goes on and on.

Remember that none of the flea/tick products or ways of Regulate and prevention is one hundred% successful, a hundred% with the time. I feel Nexgard and Bravecto are Risk-free and successful alternatives for many dogs and are a great alternative when topicals and collars are usually not a possibility. Have any of you used possibly of those products?

i buried both equally of these… several months afterwards right after far more exploration, i began to recognize that they had been equally poisoned by taking in purina beneful Canine food… that has A huge number of experiences of KILLING dogs… I had been much too late (i filed a prolonged report within the FDA wbsite)… i certain thanks for sharing this. i won't take an opportunity with this probably lethal drug. I’m so sorry in your loss.

Nonetheless, supplied your valid concerns with regards to the paralysis tick, it's essential to take some action vs performing nothing at all. Threat-reward within your circumstance appears size of a dog flea to weigh over the side of applying Nexgard. Good luck to you personally!

Within two hours in the 1st dose they were being scratching and fleas had been dying. The fleas ended up introduced in by 1 Puppy. After we received him he was protected in fleas. Bathing and Frontline didn’t get rid of the fleas, but Bravect did. No ticks and no fleas now tends to make this a contented family.

We don’t know all the reasons due to the fact we weren’t there, but Take into account that lots of veterinarians that are prescribing these medicine are usually not often recommending consumers quit working with them following a dog has an adverse response.

I such as the online pharmacy I am also curious about how well these products definitely conduct for dogs that Repeated “tick infested wooded places.” I say this because the ticks must connect and feed for being exposed to the chemical. So I've visions of dogs actively playing out while in the woods, walking by way of tick nests, and trotting back inside, where some ticks needs to have a chance to fall off? It’s a tough selection, I get it.

Sorry to study about your pup’s side effects. There isn't any actual antidote to Nexgard, and it does take at the least a month for that drug to depart the body. In the meantime, some folks have been utilizing herbs like milk thistle to help you assist the liver.

So…as you may picture, I used to be fearful sick about her. I took her again into the vet to make sure she didn’t have mange. She did have an awful flea allergy. Not even 1 month of Nexgard could continue to keep her skin protected long sufficient. So, I at last chose Bravecto. I needed to so one thing!!!!! I didn’t want to see her depressing and moaning in agony. It was definitely worth the try out.

Helen – I can only let you know that I've made a decision I won't use both of those prescription drugs (or any similar ones) in my own Canine. I am not prescribing them for individuals both. My concern with them is when the Pet has ingested the chemical, there is not any way to eliminate it. Of course, there are numerous dogs which have experienced no clear immediate side effects; nonetheless, I'm basically unwilling to take the possibility. If you choose dog flea bath you would like to employ Nexgard instead of Bravecto since you used it when ahead of, talk to your vet to approve a prescription for you.

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